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Wooden Gates Transform an Outdoor Area

Outlining your home or business with a well-constructed fence and wooden gate can deliver safety while also transform the aesthetics of your property. Access gates provide the final touch to any fence system. Your access gate can have a sliding or swing feature, depending on your unique desires. Wooden gates have continued to grow in […]

Iron Gates Offer Safety and Aesthetics

Picture a heritage estate, a grand old country home with cultivated landscaping and a private gardener to keep the hedges neat. Pan out to the extended driveway that leads to the main road. Surrounding the perimeter of the property, what kind of fencing and gate do you see? Perhaps a brick wall, but definitely an […]

Options for Commercial Fencing

The right fencing can enhance the image of your business, school, or facilities. At Titan Fence, we take a creative approach to your commercial fencing needs, to give you the most effective, best looking physical boundaries for your business. Are you looking for a Plano fence company to complete your commercial fencing project? Call Titan […]

A Beautiful Driveway Gate

Is your driveway a weak spot both aesthetically and in terms of security? Have you ever wished you could better control strangers’ access to your property? Do you have fencing surrounding your property everywhere except the driveway and front entrance? If so, you should consider getting a beautiful driveway gate from Titan Fence. Driveways gates […]

A Privacy Fence for Your Backyard

Your home is your domain; you want all your spaces to be secure and protected from both outsiders and unwanted attention. At Titan Fence, we specialize in backyard privacy fences to give your family a safe space to live and play. Our sturdy, well-built fences give you peace of mind that your family and pets can […]

Wrought Iron Gates for Residential Communities & Homes

Strong, Beautiful, and Durable – Ornamental Iron Gates Are you in the market for a new residential fence or gate? Wooden fences are the standard for backyard privacy fences, but they lack the appeal and strength of elegant ornamental iron. If you are looking for a way to secure your residential property that doesn’t interfere […]

The American Backyard on the Fourth of July

A fence – a grill and – a picnic table.  This is all many Americans need to    celebrate the Fourth of July in the safety and convenience of their own backyard. The invention of this simple phenomenon has become a one of the most common places for Americans to celebrate on the Fourth of July. […]

Ranch Style Fencing

Many of our clients still have a need for ranch style fencing.  Believe it or not there are still quite a few functioning ranches in and around DFW.  Texas and the term “Ranch” go hand in hand.  So what is the real definition of a ranch?  Patrick Murfee, the administrator of the Ranching Heritage Association […]

Protecting your fence from the elements!

The amount of rain DFW has received this year is a reminder that protecting a fence is a critical to extending its life expectancy. As a rule of thumb you should stain a fence every 5 to 7 years depending on the type of wood. It’s impossible to completely prevent the natural weathering that occurs […]

Fences provide security for our homes

Nothing provides security for a home like a fence.  A well-built quality fence is a visual and physical deterrent for criminals looking to break into our homes.  A fence will force a criminal to scale it – thereby alerting anyone else observing this act suspiciously. Fences will provide a “psychological barrier” to some would-be criminals […]