Why You Should Hire a Fence Contractor

Putting up a fence is not an easy decision to make. There are usually many choices, making it hard to decide what you need. You also need to plan a fence carefully, which is not as simple as most people assume. For this reason, it is often in your best interest to hire a fence contractor. Here are some reasons why you should hire professional fence contractor.

Their experience. Putting up a fence takes some research and expertise. By hiring a contractor, you will be able to discuss your thoughts and they will help you decide exactly what you want and need. They can go over the pros and cons of each type of fence.

Exact amount of fencing. If you put up a fence yourself, you run the risk of buying way too much or not enough supplies. If you don’t buy enough, you will end up having to stop what you are doing to get additional supplies. If you buy too much, you might not be able to return the extra product.

Done quickly and efficiently. It is hard work putting up a fence. It is also something that you may end up doing in your spare time on the weekends. It can take months to get a fence done by yourself.  However, a fence contractor and crew can get it done quickly and efficiently without any worry on your part.

Guaranteed Work. A fence contractor’s work is guaranteed. If you have problems with the fence, they will come out and fix it (at their cost). If you put it up yourself and something happens, you are going to be paying for all of the repairs.

Though you may not want to pay extra for your fence, you might want to think about it. A fence contractor can guide you through the decision-making process, while buying enough supplies to get it done quickly and efficiently. Also, the work is guaranteed so you won’t have to pay a penny if there is a craftsmanship problem.

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Hiring a Fencing Contractor: What to Know

Most folks who decide that the time is right for a fence already have at least a vague idea of what sort of fence they’re looking for. Fencing types include

  • classic wood
  • chain link
  • decorative iron or metal
  • livestock Fence

Most people choose to obtain a quote from more than one area fencing contractor, although you may choose to bypass this if you’ve heard great things about a local fencing company from neighbors, online reviews, or coworkers. But once you have your choice of fencing contractor narrowed down, it’s a good idea to ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line…

  • Will they pull the required permits (if they’re required by your town)?
  • What about locating underground utilities? Will they take care of contacting a utility locator, or will that be up to you?
  • If your property is graded (on a slope), how will they deal with that? (This is important if you’re installing a fence to keep pets or small kids in the yard, since you won’t want any gaps for potential escape at any point along the fence.) Also ask if the height will vary because of grade.
  • What about a gate? Is that included in the price or will it be extra?
  • Do they warranty their work and/or product?
  • What’s their timeline?

Getting satisfactory answers to these questions will help ensure that you’ll end up with a fence that meets both your needs and your budget. Contracting with an established (i.e., experienced) fencing contractor will further ensure that you’ll get a high-quality fence that’s built to last.

In the North Dallas region of Texas, there’s one fencing contractor that has the experience, commitment to quality and reputation for great customer service you’re seeking. That contractor is Titan Fence & Supply Company. Why not contact us today for a free estimate?

3 Reasons Automatic Gates are a Great Investment for Your Home

Let’s face it—installing a new fence can be a bit stressful. After all, you have to pick the right material, decide where you want to place it on your property, and wait for the installation to be done before your life can get back to normal. While any new fence will add value to your home, nothing helps more than those with automatic gates at the main entry points. While these gates conjure up images of rich celebrities and elite homeowners, they’re far more affordable and more convenient than you realize. Here are a few reasons installing automatic gates in Dallas TX is a smart investment for your home.

Improves Security

When would-be thieves pick out targets, they look for homes with easy entry points. If you have an automatic gate that effectively closes off your driveway, you’re making your home harder to steal from. This helps lower the risk of theft and property damage while also improving security on your property. Only those with the code or a remote can open the gate, so you and your family will stay safe.

Lower Insurance Premiums

What surprises many homeowners is that automatic gates can often give you a discount on your insurance premium. Since you’re reducing the risk of theft and increasing security on your property, there’s less risk of you filing a homeowners’ insurance claim with your insurance provider. The insurance company will often reward you for these home improvements by giving you a discount on your monthly premiums. Keep in mind that all policies will differ and you’ll need to speak with your insurance agent before you’ll know just how much you’ll save each month.

Protects Your Pets

Manual gates always carry with them the risk of forgetting to close the gate completely. When this happens, pets can often wander out of the yard, sending you and your family into a panic. Installing an automatic gate will give you peace of mind knowing that your yard is fully enclosed at all times, keeping your pets at home where they belong.

If you’re considering replacing your fence or have further questions about automatic gates, contact us today. Our friendly crew is ready to help.

Getting a New Fence? 5 Fence Scams to Avoid

Whether you are in the market for residential fencing or commercial fencing, we at Titan Fence want consumers to be aware of common scams. When it’s time to get a new fence, the number one tip we can give you is to do your research. Verify the company or contractor you are considering is licensed and that they have active insurance. See if they have references you can check out and possibly even an office in your state that you can visit.

That being said, even after proper research, it is still possible to get scammed. It is also possible to get taken advantage of and not even realize what has happened before its too late. Here are 5 common scams in the fence industry that you, as a resident or business owner, should be aware of.

1. Falsely claiming they have insurance coverage

Believe it or not, there are contractors out there brazen enough to claim they have insurance coverage when they really have none. This can be bad because if a worker gets injured on the job, and their shady boss disappears, they can come after you and your home owner’s insurance policy.

Sometimes the contractors even show you a copy of their policy claiming they have coverage. What the scammers do is go and set up a policy for the bare minimum, agree on a monthly contract price, get their coverage paperwork, and never pay the monthly premiums.

Solution: If they can’t show you a policy, do not go with them. If they do show you a policy and you are not satisfied, you can call the insurance company to ensure their policy is in good standing.

2. Quoting Low or “Footage Padding”

Sometimes this is done without a contractor knowing, it can be done by a shady sales rep who is simply trying to increase their commissions. The sales rep, or contractor, will give you a good price per square foot, but the total square footage on the quote will be low. Once you see the contract, the price per square foot is the same, but all of a sudden the total square footage on the contract is higher than what was quoted to you.

Solution: Double check the square footage from the quote and the actual contract. If the contract price is higher than the quote you should be given advance warning with a proper explanation.

3. “Payment Is Required Upfront”

This is common throughout any industry, contracting, construction, repair, renovation, etc. A full upfront payment is asked for. If you pay 100% upfront, you have no guarantee that the work will actually be finished. In the fence industry specifically, an up-front payment, or deposit, of 25%-40% is absolutely reasonable.

Solution: Simply put, do not pay the entire balance until the work is completed. If the work is finished later in the evening and the contractor wants payment that night, refuse until the next morning when you are able to go over their work in the daytime.

4. “The Cost of Materials Went Up – We Need More Money”

Just like scam #3, this one is also common throughout many industries involving construction, installation, and/or renovation. The contractor will claim that there was an unexpected cost increase for materials and the job will cost more than agreed on.

In the fence industry, contractors deal with the same groups of suppliers every single day. If there is going to be a price increase, they will usually have advance notice; sometimes, even weeks before the actual increase.

Solution: Do not ever agree to pay more money than was quoted on the contract. It is illegal for a contractor to refuse to finish the work because of something like this (if it’s not in the contract).

5. Bait and Switch – Vague Material Description

A common complaint that unhappy new-fence customers have is signing a contract expecting something like cedar which would last 15-20 years but instead get cheap pine. How is this legal? The contract will say something vague like “cedar fencing.” The ambiguity of this wording leaves it open for the contractor to interpret it however they want.

They may also lead you to believe you are getting 2×4 back rail boards when they plan on cutting corners and saving money by installing 1×4 back rails. 1×4 sized rails are not always bad, but they are if you believe you are paying for 2×4.

Solution: Be sure and get specifics on what exactly it is you are paying for. Specifics on the type of wood (ex: is it a high-grade cedar or is it cheap Chinese cedar?) If you are unsure about something, just ask for clarification.

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Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Beautiful Ornamental Fence

People install fences for all sorts of reasons ranging from security to privacy to keeping pets and small children in the yard and away from traffic. But there’s another reason for installing a fence that’s just as important. We’re talking about curb appeal, and there’s no better way to upping your home’s curb appeal than by installing a beautiful ornamental fence Dallas TX.


An ornamental fence can take a home’s front yard from bland to the gem of the neighborhood, while also providing security and creating a natural backdrop for shrubbery and flower beds. What’s more eye-catching than a lovely ornamental fence surrounded by roses or other lush plantings?


An intricately designed ornamental fence can set off a stately home to perfection, and a sleek steel ornamental fence can enhance the clean lines of a modern home like no other! It’s also the perfect solution when you want to be able to view a beautiful landscape that lies beyond the fence, since it provides security while still allowing a clear view of your surroundings. Along similar lines, an ornamental iron or steel fence surrounding a pool will keep the area secure while also allowing you to see what’s going on with your kids while you’re in the kitchen preparing lunch!

Ornamental fences can be seamlessly married to stone walls or pillars, too, and boast some of the most beautiful and romantic gates imaginable!

There’s no question that an ornamental fence serves many purposes and is one of the most versatile fencing choices around!

Thinking about an ornamental fence for your home? Trust the experts at Titan Fencing to deliver just what you’re dreaming of! We’ve been providing beautiful ornamental — and all kinds — of fencing for residents and businesses in the area and would love to work with you. Contact us today to hear more!

The Importance of a Fence for Your Property

There are many advantages for adding a fence around your property. Fences can help secure your home, while also bringing a certain aesthetic to make the appearance more pleasing. First, you need to think critically about your needs for the installation of the fence. Do you want security, privacy, style, or increased property value? These are all things you should consider before building a fence. Here are some reasons why fences are important for your home:

  • It protects the privacy of your property. Not only can a fence deter intruders from coming onto your property, but it can also keep unwanted animals and other wildlife from coming onto your yard as well. Fences act as an obstruction to intruders and can help keep possessions safe. Homeowners can happily enjoy the privacy of their backyards without worry about any snooping onlookers with the installation of a fence.
  • Increases property value. Over 50 percent of homeowners have pets, so a fence is very appealing to a new home buyer. Some fences also add decorative appeal to your property, which increases the value of your home. A good, high-quality fence is almost always a good investment.
  • Keeps your family and pets safe. Fencing off your home ensures the safety of your kids, or pets, especially dogs. A fence will keep them confined to your yard, preventing them from wandering in your neighborhood and possibly leading to unfortunate accidents.
  • Defines property lines. This is important because it prevents altercations with your neighbors related to lawn care, landscaping, or roaming pets and kids! Fence installation will create a good neighborhood atmosphere by showing you respect your neighbor’s property line as well as your own.

Make sure you are considering the materials you will use when building a new fence. It’s better to use a sturdy material that requires little maintenance over the years. While a fence is an investment, the benefits outweigh the work involved and will keep your home safe and private. Contact Titan Fence today for more information!

Wooden Gates Transform an Outdoor Area

Outlining your home or business with a well-constructed fence and wooden gate can deliver safety while also transform the aesthetics of your property. Access gates provide the final touch to any fence system. Your access gate can have a sliding or swing feature, depending on your unique desires. Wooden gates have continued to grow in popularity over the years for their ability to enhance the image of a home, while also offering a higher level of safety and privacy.

At Titan Fence & Supply company, we deliver high quality and durable fences and gates made from a wide variety of materials designed to look great and deliver lasting results. We have proudly served the North Dallas region for over 15 years.

If you are looking for a dependable Dallas fence company to design a wooden gate that will transform your outdoor area, look no further. Call our office today at (940)-365-9999 and we will provide a complimentary 30-day quote.

Because access gates are the most visible and most handled aspect of your fence system, you want to make sure you have something that is dependable. Below are five great benefits to wooden gates.

Aesthetically Appealing

Wooden gates continue to remain a top choice among consumers for their classic and timeless appearance. Because of the variety of woods and stains available, when designing your wooden gate, you can make it unique to your own desires. As an added bonus, if you decide to change the color palette of your outdoor area, you can repaint the wooden gate to blend beautifully and seamlessly. Whether you desire a traditional five-bar gate for countryside charm or a modern timber security gate to secure the perimeter of your home or business, no two wooden gates are the same. Your wooden gate will be custom-made for your property.

Easy to Operate

As gate technologies have continued to advance, access gate operations and functions have improved as well. Not only can you design your access gate to blend with the aesthetics of your property, but you can make it easy to operate for you, your employees, or family members. We understand your time is important, so we want to ensure your wooden gate is designed for ease and functionality. Some of the gate opening features include:

  • Swing or slide entry
  • Keypad entry
  • Remote control entry
  • Telephone entry
  • Card entry
  • Solar or electric powered

Provides Security and Privacy

While rod iron or metal fences may seem to offer more safety, wooden gates can offer the same great security. When selecting the type of wood for your access gate, it’s important to choose hardwood over softwood so the gate is both durable and a strong deterrent. We can also customize your gate with a secure locking and reinforcement system, in addition to the right height and width, helping to keep entries or important merchandise well hidden. With a wooden gate in place, you will enjoy complete privacy.

Great Value

Timber is more affordable than most other materials used for access gates, making it a cost-effective solution. When selecting the wood for your access gate, it’s imperative that you choose one based on quality and longevity. If a cheaper wood is chosen, it could result in deterioration or discoloration. At Titan Fence & Supply company, we work with reliable suppliers to ensure our clients receive superior, long-lasting results at affordable pricing.

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Iron Gates Offer Safety and Aesthetics

iron gatePicture a heritage estate, a grand old country home with cultivated landscaping and a private gardener to keep the hedges neat. Pan out to the extended driveway that leads to the main road. Surrounding the perimeter of the property, what kind of fencing and gate do you see? Perhaps a brick wall, but definitely an ornamental iron gate, of course. Wood or chain link simply does not convey the classic elegance of iron.

Why has iron been the standard for securing valuable properties from trespassers for so long? Simple: strength and durability. Iron gates keep out humans, deer, dogs, or any other creatures that may try to pass. You’d need a blowtorch to cut through iron. Have you ever tried to scale an iron gate? The vertical bars give no footing, so all but the deftest of parkour enthusiasts will fail. Whether it’s door-knocking solicitors, thieves, or a pack of hungry zombies—iron gates keep unwanted visitors from bothering your home. They are also the most durable fence and gate material, and, when well cared for, can last for decades.

You Design the Details

One of the greatest things about ornamental iron gates is how they can be customized to your aesthetic tastes. Pointed finials, square bars, a decorative crest, or a name plate—all these details can be part of the gate you choose for your property. Iron fences are usually horizontally level, but a swinging driveway gate can add an elegant sloping curve to the appearance of your gate.

If the gate is for a business, we can suggest features that complement the building, grounds, and neighborhood. For ideas, have a look at our ornamental iron gallery to see examples of the gates we have installed for our customers in the past.Iron Gate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Dallas Texas

Easy, Secure Gates

Ornamental iron fences can be erected around properties, businesses, pools, recreation facilities, and more. Secure features let you decide whether your vehicle or pedestrian gate requires a key, card, code, of phone entry. At Titan Fence, we offer all these features and more, so you get the gate you want. We can even install solar-powered gate entry systems, to save you money on energy costs. (Many clients for multi-residential properties love that option, since the gates get so much daily use.)

Low Maintenance Iron Offers Years of Protection

With a high quality powder coating and proper care and maintenance, your iron gate can last for many years. When we install the gate, we make sure you get a powder coating that is appropriate for the North Texas climate, which will resist the elements and rusting. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to ensure your gate stays functioning well and looking great:

  1. Clean the gate with water and a mild detergent every six months to maintain the paint job.
  2. Grease the hinges every year or when you hear them starting to squeak.
  3. Check the gate for rust twice a year.
  4. Remove any small patches rust with a fine wire brush, wash with mild detergent and allow to dry before applying a rust converter.

View our web pages to learn more about ornamental iron fences and gates or call our office to speak with a member of the Titan Fence team from our Frisco fence company. If you are interested in installing an iron gate for your home or business, our representatives will come to you for a consultation and free price quote, which will be good for 30 days. Call us at 940-365-9999 or request a quote online.

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Metal Gate and Fence - Commercial Fence North Texas - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Plano Texas

Options for Commercial Fencing

Rail - Commercial Fence North Texas - Titan Fence and Supply Company - McKinney TexasThe right fencing can enhance the image of your business, school, or facilities. At Titan Fence, we take a creative approach to your commercial fencing needs, to give you the most effective, best looking physical boundaries for your business.

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Enhance Your Image

The right fence can give your business a finished look and complement the image you present. Whether you need an ornamental iron fence to secure your boundary without impacting visibility, or a privacy fence to keep your employees shielded from public view, we will make sure you get a fence that furthers the professional appearance of your business.

Securing Your PerimeterMetal Gate and Fence - Commercial Fence North Texas - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Plano Texas

Many businesses need to control access to their grounds for security reasons. Keeping unwanted human and animal visitors out of restricted areas can be accomplished with a number of fence materials:

Wood and Vinyl – These materials provide privacy, to keep the busy inner workings of your grounds shielded from public view.

Ornamental Iron – This material provides a strong barrier and can be erected at varying heights. It also presents a classic appearance, is incredibly resistant to outdoor elements, and will protect your grounds for many years to come.

Chain Link – For larger commercial fencing projects, many of our customers choose cost-effective chain link for maximum security.

Indoor Fencing for Businesses

Chain Link Fence - Commercial Fence North Texas - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Dallas Texas

Many businesses find that indoor fencing can control their flow of customers and create an organized, ordered feel. Whether your business is a restaurant with an open floor plan, or an indoor recreation or health facility, we can create an attractive barrier that accomplishes your goals with durable reliability.

Access and Entry Points

If your business needs require controlled access points, we have many options to choose from. Access gates can be constructed to match any pre-existing fence or building features, and can control pedestrian and vehicular traffic with a number of secure access features:

  • code entry
  • card entry
  • phone-based entry
  • remote control entry

This is just a sample, as we have installed systems for many commercial uses and can customize systems to your needs. Tell us what you imagine, and we’ll make it a reality!

A Record of Commercial Fencing Success

At Titan Fence, we have provided commercial fencing solutions for a wide range of businesses. Scroll through our fence gallery to see examples of the projects we have completed for other businesses in the past. These include:

  • Schools
  • Parks and athletic facilities
  • Airports
  • Storage facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Pump stations
  • Construction sites
  • Factories


Titan Fence serves the North Texas area, including Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Little Elm, and everything in between. If you are not sure if your location is within our service area, give us a call to speak with a member of our team.

As a family-based company, we try to accommodate all requests and get you the fencing to make your business successful. Call us today to arrange a consultation and we’ll bring the options to you!

You can also request a quote online, using our web-based communication tools. Simply tell us the details and we’ll get back to you with the facts that will help you understand your options. Not sure exactly what you need? Just tell us your story and we’ll show you what’s possible!

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Wooden Gate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Dallas Texas

A Beautiful Driveway Gate

Ornamental Iron Gate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Little Elm TexasIs your driveway a weak spot both aesthetically and in terms of security?

Have you ever wished you could better control strangers’ access to your property?

Do you have fencing surrounding your property everywhere except the driveway and front entrance?

If so, you should consider getting a beautiful driveway gate from Titan Fence. Driveways gates are the perfect finish to your property fencing projects, and come in a number of styles and access modes. Our service area covers the Frisco, Dallas, and Plano Texas area, and we have many sturdy and stylish options to choose from.

A Sturdy Driveway Gate to Match Your Property

Most people usually think of tall, black wrought iron fences when they think of security gates, but the truth is that we can make a driveway gate from any of the commonly used fencing materials. Wood, ornamental iron, and even vinyl fencing can be used. We specialize in creating beautiful gates that fit in with your property’s design aesthetic, and can even match a gate perfectly to pre-existing borders. Ornamental iron is a beautiful choice when a stone wall is already surrounding your property, and we have many elegant and styles and flourishes to choose from.Iron Gate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Dallas Texas

All our gates can be made as either swing or slide gates, depending on your preferences and spatial requirements. Swing gates open into the driveway, while slide gates move horizontally, and make use of the fencing to one side of the gate. Typically, slide gates are best when there is ample fencing to one side of the gate but limited space in the driveway. They allow you to reserve more space for parking in your driveway, without sacrificing a secure entry point.

Driveway Gates Control Access to Your Home and Front Door

At Titan Fence, we have many different types of gate systems to choose from. Whether you want a simple manual gate for the back entrance to your property, or a top-of-the-line security system, we have your solution! We even have solar powered gates for maximum energy efficiency.Wooden Gate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - Dallas Texas

  • Remote control entry
  • Passcode entry
  • Keycard entry
  • Phone-based entry
  • Lock-based entry
  • CCTV monitoring

Change the Way You Use Your Space

Your home is your domain, and a driveway gate is an excellent way to control the traffic of visitors.  It can also change the way you use your driveway. If your children and pets make good use of a backyard surrounded by a privacy fence, you may find that they start enjoying the front of the property, as well, once it is contained behind a driveway gate. With a secure gate, children and pets can enjoy the added space with no fears that they may wander into the road and put themselves at risk.

Enhance Security and Privacy

Many of our clients are interested in access gates to ensure their families are protected and they are not bothered by solicitors or unwanted guests. They are also an excellent way to protect your property and vehicles, especially if you worry about vandals and thieves. Driveway gates give you added peace of mind and enhance the value of your property, all around.

Contact Titan Fence for a Beautiful Driveway GateGate - Titan Fence and Supply Company - McKinney Texas

If you are interested in getting a driveway gate, contact our Dallas fence company and we will send our representatives to visit you for a free consultation and driveway gate quote.

We will show you all the building options and look over your property to determine the best way to build the gate you are looking for. Contact us via email at admin@titanfence.com or call us at 940-365-9999 to get started!