Wooden Gates Transform an Outdoor Area

Outlining your home or business with a well-constructed fence and wooden gate can deliver safety while also transform the aesthetics of your property. Access gates provide the final touch to any fence system. Your access gate can have a sliding or swing feature, depending on your unique desires. Wooden gates have continued to grow in popularity over the years for their ability to enhance the image of a home, while also offering a higher level of safety and privacy.

At Titan Fence & Supply company, we deliver high quality and durable fences and gates made from a wide variety of materials designed to look great and deliver lasting results. We have proudly served the North Dallas region for over 15 years.

If you are looking for a dependable Dallas fence company to design a wooden gate that will transform your outdoor area, look no further. Call our office today at (940)-365-9999 and we will provide a complimentary 30-day quote.

Because access gates are the most visible and most handled aspect of your fence system, you want to make sure you have something that is dependable. Below are five great benefits to wooden gates.

Aesthetically Appealing

Wooden gates continue to remain a top choice among consumers for their classic and timeless appearance. Because of the variety of woods and stains available, when designing your wooden gate, you can make it unique to your own desires. As an added bonus, if you decide to change the color palette of your outdoor area, you can repaint the wooden gate to blend beautifully and seamlessly. Whether you desire a traditional five-bar gate for countryside charm or a modern timber security gate to secure the perimeter of your home or business, no two wooden gates are the same. Your wooden gate will be custom-made for your property.

Easy to Operate

As gate technologies have continued to advance, access gate operations and functions have improved as well. Not only can you design your access gate to blend with the aesthetics of your property, but you can make it easy to operate for you, your employees, or family members. We understand your time is important, so we want to ensure your wooden gate is designed for ease and functionality. Some of the gate opening features include:

  • Swing or slide entry
  • Keypad entry
  • Remote control entry
  • Telephone entry
  • Card entry
  • Solar or electric powered

Provides Security and Privacy

While rod iron or metal fences may seem to offer more safety, wooden gates can offer the same great security. When selecting the type of wood for your access gate, it’s important to choose hardwood over softwood so the gate is both durable and a strong deterrent. We can also customize your gate with a secure locking and reinforcement system, in addition to the right height and width, helping to keep entries or important merchandise well hidden. With a wooden gate in place, you will enjoy complete privacy.

Great Value

Timber is more affordable than most other materials used for access gates, making it a cost-effective solution. When selecting the wood for your access gate, it’s imperative that you choose one based on quality and longevity. If a cheaper wood is chosen, it could result in deterioration or discoloration. At Titan Fence & Supply company, we work with reliable suppliers to ensure our clients receive superior, long-lasting results at affordable pricing.

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4th of July Fence Dallas Texas

The American Backyard on the Fourth of July

A fence – a grill and – a picnic table.  This is all many Americans need to    celebrate the Fourth of July in the safety and convenience of their own backyard.

The invention of this simple phenomenon has become a one of the most common places for Americans to celebrate on the Fourth of July. All over our nation homeowner owners invest large sums of money into what has become a retreat for recreation, entertainment, dining, and relaxation. What used to be just a simple fence, barbeque grill and patio has turned into a small oasis for many Americans. Here are some interesting facts regarding our country and the Fourth of July weekend.

fourth fence table pic

4th of July Statistics

  • Number of hotdogs consumed on July 4th each year – 150 million
  • Amount of chicken purchased in the week leading up to July 4th – 700 million pounds
  • Amount of red meat / pork purchased in the week leading up to July 4th – 190 million pounds
  • Percent of American households with outdoor grills – 87 %
  • Number of Americans who will spend the holiday at someone else’s home – 41 million
  • Amount of fireworks sold to cities for public celebrations – 25 million pounds
  • Dollar amount of American flags imported into the US from China – $5 million
  • Number of places in the US with “Independence” in their name – 11
Wooden Rail Fences with Treated Lumber Plano Texas

Ranch Style Fencing

Many of our clients still have a need for ranch style fencing.  Believe it or not there are still quite a few functioning ranches in and around DFW.  Texas and the term “Ranch” go hand in hand.  So what is the real definition of a ranch?  Patrick Murfee, the administrator of the Ranching Heritage Association in Lubbock, actually laughed out loud when we asked for one when being interviewed by Texas Monthly Magazine.  After talking to him and other experts in the field, they settled on four criteria that a Texas ranch must meet.

  1. On the land in question, livestock—cattle, goats, horses, and the like—must be raised for profit.
  1. The land can be noncontiguous but must be managed as one ranch—an important point, since many ranches, including the King Ranch, are made up of several chunks of land, some of which are hundreds of miles apart but are overseen by the same person or group.
  1. The land must be in Texas. (Nearly 50 percent of the ranch owners on our list have acreage in other states or countries.)
  1. The land must be primarily owner-operated; that is, owned and run by the same people, or at least members of the same family. Leased land doesn’t count. That’s why the venerable Kenedy Ranches aren’t on the list.

IN TEXAS IN 1998 THE RECIPE FOR FAME AND FORTUNE CALLS FOR NERDS, not herds. But you couldn’t get the owners of the state’s twenty largest ranches to trade their hundreds of thousands of acres—not even for millions of dollars in Dell Computer stock.

Read more: http://www.texasmonthly.com/content/biggest-ranches

Protecting your fence from the elements!

stain-fenceThe amount of rain DFW has received this year is a reminder that protecting a fence is a critical to extending its life expectancy. As a rule of thumb you should stain a fence every 5 to 7 years depending on the type of wood.

It’s impossible to completely prevent the natural weathering that occurs to a wood fence over the years, but you can slow the process by protecting the wood regularly from the elements. The stain you use to on the wood must cover every part of the wood exposed to moisture. It’s also important to use galvanized or stainless steel hardware in the wood because these metals won’t rust and they resist warping.

We always recommend a Cedar fence.  Cedar has natural oils and acids in the wood that make it undesirable to most insects. This allows the wood to be installed in its unfinished form and last for many years. Cedar also warps less than Whitewood or Pine fences.

Fences provide security for our homes


Nothing provides security for a home like a fence.  A well-built quality fence is a visual and physical deterrent for criminals looking to break into our homes.  A fence will force a criminal to scale it – thereby alerting anyone else observing this act suspiciously.

Fences will provide a “psychological barrier” to some would-be criminals – meaning that the act of climbing over a fence will discourage some folks from wandering into a yard.  However, in general, fences will deter some and slow down others; they will not stop a determined criminal.  Making sure your fence is secure and gates are locked at night or when leaving town will help protect all of your property and loved ones.  See more tips on how to protect your home.

Read more: http://www.mainesecurity.com/home/Home_Security_Tips.htm

Titan Fencing in Raytheon Headquarters in Richardson

The ongoing economic development in the North Texas area is certainly keeping Titan’s commercial division busy.


Titan is installing industrial commercial fencing from www.ameristarfence.com at Raytheon’s new Richardson location.   Once complete, the three-building, 489,000-square-foot facility in Richardson will house about 1,700 employees. The City Line development is southeast of President George Bush Turnpike and North Central Expressway.

Richardson Mayor Laura Maczka said the project helps the city strengthen its Telecom Corridor moniker with a development firm that has worked on a number of Richardson developments, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fossil, and the former Nortel Networks campus.

Raytheon plans to move into the new corporate campus by the end of 2015.

HOA entrances and community fences


hoa2Neighborhoods all over north Texas are broken down into small communities managed by homeowner associations.  The entry points to these neighborhoods says a lot about its residents and the value of homes within.  These entrances are designed in a variety of ways that bring individual character to each neighborhood.






Titan Fence has played a key role in the development of several neighborhood entry points, common area fencing and community fencing for neighborhoods all over the Dallas Ft. Worth area.





Rot boards for fences

wood fence rot boardThe life expectancy of a privacy wood fence can be extended a number of ways.  These include first and foremost using quality materials, staining the wood and the use of rot boards.  The base of a fence is subject to more wear and tear than any other part of a fence.  Fence pickets that come in direct contact with the soil begin to breakdown due to moisture in the soil.  Lawn mowers, weed eaters and moisture account for the majority of damage the bottom of a fence sustains.  A rot board is typically a treated piece of lumber that is a two-by-six placed horizontally along the bottom edge of the inside or outside of a fence to protect it from the elements.


A privacy fence with a rot board in place also helps keep smaller household pets from digging under a fence as well as keeping out such unwanted pests as wild rabbits that tend to be a nuisance in many residential communities.    Having a rot board installed during the initial construction phase allows the fence pickets to be placed above ground level to prevent normal wear and tear as well.  Rot boards may also be easily replaced after years of use to further extend the life of a wood fence.


Rot boards are expensive but if you consider the years of additional use it adds to your fence they are well worth the investment.


Wood FenceKeeping our neighborhoods attractive is a responsibility every homeowner shares. The overall outside appearance of our properties is a combination of several things in addition including the lawn, the landscape and of course our fence. As a home ages so does the fence and if not replaced they can become an eyesore that negatively affects an entire neighborhood. The life span of a standard cedar picket fence provided by most home builders is only 6 to 8 eight years. Fence replacement becomes a must at this point since homeowner associations do fine residents for fences that do not meet specific standards. Repairing a fence that has exceeded its life expectancy is not recommended since it ends up being an ongoing repair project.
At Titan our fences are built to last. We only use the  highest quality fence materials and supplies, and we adhere to the highest design standards. We delight in adding value to your property by beautifying and securing it with a fence that’s designed and installed properly.

Fence caps add more than decorative style to a fence.

Wood FenceCapA fence cap is  a protective board that extends along the entire top section of a fence. It is normally a 2″ x 6″ that lays flat along the top of the picket. It not only adds an element of style and value to the outside of a home, it also helps protect the fence. Every time it rains or snows water runs down the inside of the pickets and rails. A combination of moisture, humidity, heat and freezing temperatures is what eventually causes boards to rot even if they are stained. A fence cap protects the top of a fence which is where pickets generally begin to split and rot due to exposure. A fence with a cap will add some additional material and labor expense but is well worth the investment.
Contact us today if you are considering a new fence that will not only look great but will last.