Chain Link Fence

The workhorse of fences, chain link fence or hurricane style is utilitarian in design and economical in cost. It’s mostly praised for it’s high durability. Aptly nicknamed “hurricane” fencing, it’s often the last fencing style still standing after a hurricane and is extremely popular along coastal areas or anywhere regularly affected by high winds or severe storms. Hurricane fencing provides security and durability to your property while maintaining an open feel. Landscaping, scrubs, hedges, trees placed near a chain link fence work as privacy elements, otherwise slats may be inserted into the mesh to achieve a semi-opaque look. Chain link or hurricane fencing is commonly available galvanized, which makes it silver. Titan Fence carries hurricane fencing coated in a weather resistant vinyl (black, green or dark brown) you prefer a different color. In addition, we also carry hurricane fence fabric, posts and rails, gates (swing and slide), and gate hardware for all chain link fence applications including residential fence, light commercial and industrial.

Chain link is easier to install for do-it-yourselfers than wood or metal fences and can be purchased off-the-shelf at most major hardware stores. Chain link mesh rolls range from 25- to 100-foot in length and are available in heights ranging from 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot, 10 ft and 12 foot. The most common chain link gauge is between nine and 11 (the smaller the number, the thicker and stronger the gauge). Most residential properties owners use 11 gauge. The thicker nine-gauge chain link mesh is easier to galvanize, which inhibits rust and corrosion. Tension wires on the can be added to reduce costs. Top tension wires can replace the top rail; Bottom wires discourage pets from digging underneath and disrupting the chain link mesh. Some projects require a higher level of security in which you can add barbed wire as well as razor wire.

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While easier to install that most other fence types, hurricane fencing can be time-consuming for the casual homeowner and may prove difficult for larger properties. What’s more, installing chain link fence might require special permitting. Some neighborhoods and HOAs have strict rules against installing chain-link fences. An expert with Titan Fence will help in determining whether a chain link fence is right for your property, and if so, the height, length and appropriate gauge (thickness of the mesh). Amid a hurricane of decisions, Titan Fence is available to help you make them. Our experts work with you along every step of the way – from conception and design to installation and completion – ensuring you’re getting the right chain link fence.