Commercial / Industrial Fencing

OurChain Link Fences commercial division at Titan Fence will ensure that your fence is properly installed and resilient enough to last for years of service. Titan is experienced in a wide range of commercial fencing and industrial fence applications including schools, parks, athletic facilities, airports, storage facilities, buildings, pump stations, construction sides, factories. We handle everything from light and heavy commercial to heavy industrial jobs. Whether you’re looking to increase value, heighten aesthetics or protect and secure your business, Titan’s commercial and industrial fencing experts will manage your project with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Privacy and security are the main reasons businesses build fences. There are many beautiful fence options that will define your property, while safeguarding operations in an attractive way. The type of fence most often reflects the business’ neighborhood. Metal fencing is the most popular choice for city-based companies. Rural business owners might opt instead for a more rustic look, such as split rail fence. Vinyl fencing is becoming another popular choice, as an alternative to wood that maintains an attractive sheen. with little-to-no maintenance required for years.

Whether you need privacy, security, or want a defining look, Titan Fence will help you find a fence or gate that best suits your needs. Once selected, our professional installation team will construct your fence to the highest standards for long-lasting quality.

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