Dallas Wood Cedar Fence Contractor

wood-fence-by-pool-4-1030x579.jpgAre you looking to replace your old fence or need a new wood fence? Titan’s wood fence contractor in Dallas TX will help you design and choose the best-suited materials for your needs.

Titan Fence has served the North Texas metroplex since 2003. Our builders have constructed over 30,000 fences! We serve residential, commercial, and industrial areas. We have high standards and back our work with a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship.

At Titan, we offer several varieties of Dallas wood fence construction:

  • Board on Board Fence
  • Side by Side
  • Stained Fence
  • Cedar Fence
  • Horizontal Fence
  • Custom Wood Fence

Many wood fence contractors in Dallas will skimp on materials to cut their costs. Our trusted builders use only the highest quality materials and supplies to build you a better fence.

It’s important to learn which materials will work best for you:

Western Red Cedar: An excellent choice for its resiliency to insects, weathering, and decay. This type of wood is less likely to warp and lays flat and straight. A Dallas cedar fence will last for decades when properly maintained.

Your cedar fence contractor in Dallas will inform you of the proper care and maintenance of your fence so that you may enjoy its beauty and richness through the years.

Spruce Pine: A good choice if your budget is leaner. This type of wood is not as durable as cedar so Titan’s wood fence contractor in Dallas TX recommends using an oil-based stain or other sealant to prevent warping, cracking, and decay.

A Titan fence specialist can work with you to decide which style best complements your home or business and your budget. The experience and integrity of our team sets us apart from the other guys.

Give us a call for a free quote.