Fencing 101

Planning for Your New Fence

When you are planning a home improvement project, a little prep work can go a long way to ensure a hassle-free outcome.  Below are a few suggestions to help you prpare for your new fence:

  • Check with your HOA. Make sure there are not any restrictions on fence installation or style guidelines in your community.
  • Get with your immediate neighbors to discuss your intentions. You may be able to pool your resources and share the costs of a dividing fence.
  • Determine your materials and fence style based on your home’s architecture. Answer the following questions to help decide which type of fence is best for you:
    • Will your new fence be used to control access to a pool, prevent you dog from escaping, or protect your children’s play area?
    • Are you looking for privacy? Or is the fence purely an aesthetic landscaping feature?
  • Determine your property lines and ensure your new fence lies within them.
  • Acquire any required building permits. Check local zoning ordinances and building codes that may restrict your fence installation.
  • Contact your local utility companies to locate any existing underground power, gas, and water lines.

Titan Fence offers free estimates and samples.  We will also obtain permits and help with utility locates.

Should I do-it-myself or get help?

Answer these three questions before deciding to install a fence yourself:

Do you have the time?
The time required to install a fence varies widely depending on your project.  What kind of materials will you be using?  Wood fences take longer to install than chain link.  What is the terrain like?  Wooded, rugged, and obstructed terrain will also take longer to work with.  How much space are you enclosing? Digging the holes and installing fence, can be very time-consuming work, especially for a long fence in rocky soil.

Do you have the skills?
Installing a fence can require a lot of professional skills, especially if the project is complicated. It would be a relatively simple job to install a wooden fence on a clear and level lot in topsoil clear of rocks.  However, installing a wrought iron fence with an electric gate on a sloped property with rocky topsoil would require a higher level of expertise.

Is support available throughout the installation process?
When buying an integrated fence product from one manufacturer the directions are usually thorough and phone support is available. However, when buying raw materials, wood posts, or rolls of chain link fence; support is usually scarce.

Think very carefully before you purchase materials and try to “do-it-yourself.”  If you change your mind and decide to hire a contractor, the material quality may not conform to their set standards.  Many contractors may not install a fence using materials that you have all ready purchased and provided.

Your home is your biggest investment.  Do not skip important steps in the fence installation process. Call a professional fence contractor, like Titan Fence, to design and install your fence.

What to expect during the estimate?

When you call Titan Fence for a free estimate our Sales Associates will schedule an appointment at your convenience.  We offer weekday and early evening appointments.  If possible, we would like to meet with everyone who is involved in the decision making process.

Our Sales Associates will arrive with photos, material samples, and the expertise to assess your needs and property for the best solution.

You will receive a project proposal. You may sign it or take time to review it. Your proposal is good for 30 days.

Once we receive the proposal and all required paperwork we will begin the construction process. The first steps are to obtain the permits and call for the utility locates. Once these are complete, we will begin the construction of your new fence.

The Installation Process

You will be notified of an installation date after all paperwork is in hand.  48 hours before we start work, the utility companies will come by to mark any existing utilities on your property.  Next, our crew will dig and set posts.  The posts will be left to cure overnight.  After the posts have cured, pickets and entry gates will be installed. Final payment will be required after the completion of your job.

If you have any questions, during or after the installation process, our team will be happy to help.