McKinney Wrought Iron Fence Company

Winding-Bend-5-1030x773.jpgOrnamental wrought iron fences are a stunning addition to your home or business. They often conjure reminiscent feelings of stately grandness. The designs of these fences may be simple or elaborate. This type of fence adds a refined look to your property.

Titan Wrought Iron Fence Company in McKinney TX specializes in the design and assembly of iron fences. Our artisans are extremely skilled in welding and metalworking. The finished piece adds a pleasing attractiveness to your home or business.

Not only are these fences aesthetically appealing but they add value to your home and are extremely strong and durable. With todays manufacturing process, an ornamental iron fence is maintenance free when comparing it to other types of fences available.

There is some confusion today over wrought iron. Genuine wrought iron is difficult to obtain because it was phased out of production in the United States during the 1960’s. The arrival of less expensive metals that were not as labor intensive took over the industry. Ornamental iron has the appearance of wrought iron, however, it is not truly wrought iron.

A McKinney wrought iron fence is well liked and in much demand. Historic homes wanting to maintain their vintage feel often opt for an iron fence. But you do not have to live in a historical district to pull off an ornamental iron fence. Iron fences work well on virtually any type of property.

Titan, a McKinney Fence Company, is experienced and skilled in the area of metalworking. We specialize in:

  • Custom Iron Fence
  • Custom Ornamental Iron Fence
  • Flat Top Iron Fence
  • Specialty Iron Fence
  • Finials
  • Spear Top Fence
  • Arched Iron Fence

The team of craftsman at our Iron Fence Company in McKinney TX are experienced welders and artisans that can create a fence to your fancy. Whatever ideas you have our team can create.

Titan Wrought Iron Fence Company in McKinney TX guarantees the workmanship on every fence installed. We know the value of experience and integrity and never compromise on the quality of our fences.