Iron fences are a highly durable, inexpensive fencing option that adds sophistication and grandeur, to your outdoor area. Metal fencing will give your property an open feel while providing a high level of security for those you care about. Used for security and decoration, an iron fence offers only minimal privacy. Our Titan Fence experts can install an iron fence system in one of two ways: 1) custom built from individual components or 2) pre-fabricated iron fence panels.

Iron Fencing experts

Our dedicated team of experts will create an iron fence system based on your budget, yard size and design interests. We can custom build any iron fences, no matter the size or scope, whatever design you bring to the table. Titan Fence offers only the highest-quality powder coating: a strong, protective layer that inhibits scratches and rust on metal fencing. This type of finish enhances appearance and offers a smooth surface for painting, if so desired. Our experts will bring added value to your project by recommending the appropriate materials and designs that best compliment the size and style of your outdoor area. Note to DIYers: Installing an iron fence properly requires experience and knowledge of metalworking and welding. Please consult with a Titan Fence expert before starting.

Iron Fencing Choices

There are some important choices to make before building your iron fence. These include choosing the fencing height, fencing style, and most importantly, what kind of material is most suitable. A Titan Fence specialist can work with you on deciding which combination of styles and design compliment the look of your home and surrounding homes. Iron fences come in a range of styles and designs, from the ornate to the sleek and simple.

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