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As the most experienced North DFW Area fence contractor, Titan Fence brings expertise honed through years of successful fencing and gate projects, ensuring precise installations, quality craftsmanship, and comprehensive solutions for all your fencing needs.


We pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism that guarantees reliable communication, timely project completion, adherence to safety standards, superior craftsmanship, and peace of mind for a successful and hassle-free North DFW Area fencing experience.


We provide tailored solutions with custom fabricated materials, ensuring unique designs, a perfect fit, enhanced aesthetics, and the ability to address specific requirements, resulting in a truly personalized and standout North DFW Area fence or gate.

Cross Roads TexasMetal Fencing

Metal fences are a highly durable and weather-resistant option that provides excellent security for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties, offering versatility in styles, designs, and heights while requiring minimal maintenance for long-lasting performance.

At Titan Fence, we take pride in offering a wide range of metal fences, including aluminum, chain link, R-Panel, and ornamental iron, to meet diverse needs. Metal fences are renowned for their exceptional durability, providing long-lasting security and protection for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. Trust our expertise in delivering top-quality metal fences for all your fencing requirements.

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Metal Fences Popular Services

Residential aluminum fence company in the Cross Roads Texas area.

Metal Aluminum Fences

For homeowners in the Cross Roads Texas area looking for maintenance-free elegance, there is no better option than aluminum fencing. Our expert fence installation team is specially trained to install aluminum fences that last and are backed by our workmanship warranty and impressive manufacturer warranties.

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Residential Chain Link fence contractor in the Cross Roads Texas area.

Metal Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are an excellent choice for a wide array of situations. While many homeowners choose basic chain link fencing for its lower cost, chain link fencing also boasts an impressive list of benefits including incredible durability, surprising beauty, and a multitude of privacy and security features with its many additional options and upgrades.

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R-panel Chain Link fence contractor in the Cross Roads Texas area.

Metal R-Panel

R-Panel fences are a popular choice for their durability, versatility, and affordability. These sturdy metal fences are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable security. With their clean lines and sleek appearance, R-Panel fences offer a modern aesthetic while offering a practical solution for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

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Residential Ornamental Iron fence company in the Cross Roads Texas area.

Metal Ornamental Iron Fences

Ornamental iron fencing is the top choice for higher end homes, high traffic areas that require an ultra-strong fence, or premium decorative accents when nothing-but-the-best will do. We have installed beautiful ornamental iron fences across the entire Cross Roads Texas region for nearly every situation.

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Residential and CommercialCustom Fabrication

With our residential and commercial custom metal fence and gate fabrication services, we aim to exceed our clients' expectations, delivering exceptional results that enhance the security, aesthetics, and value of their properties.

In the realm of residential fencing, we understand that homeowners desire not only privacy and security but also a visually appealing addition to their property. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we specialize in crafting custom metal fences and gates that elevate the aesthetics, security, and functionality of any property. Our skilled craftsmen work closely with clients to design and fabricate custom metal fences that seamlessly blend with the architectural style of the home. From elegant ornamental iron fences to sleek and modern aluminum options, we offer a wide range of choices to suit individual preferences and complement the surrounding landscape.

For commercial projects, we recognize the importance of striking a balance between security, durability, and professionalism. Our custom metal fences and gates are designed to provide robust perimeter protection while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the business. Our experienced team carefully selects high-quality materials that are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring that our custom metal fences and gates are not only visually striking but also durable and low-maintenance. Whether it's a detailed aluminum fence for a commercial property or an intricately designed ornamental iron gate for a corporate entrance, our fabrication expertise ensures the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Custom Fence and Gate Fabrication in Cross Roads Texas
Custom Fence and Gate Fabrication in Cross Roads Texas
Custom Fence and Gate Fabrication in Cross Roads Texas
Custom Fence and Gate Fabrication in Cross Roads Texas

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When you have questions, our team has answers! Reach out to Titan Fence for all of your fence related questions across Cross Roads Texas. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get on your way to find the best fence for you.

Yes! We are a leading metal fencing contractor across North DFW Area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for installing metal fences, ensuring your fence is installed properly, will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of North DFW Area.

Prices on metal fences are highly dependent on the amount of fencing you need as well as the exact style, height, and options you select.

We provide metal fencing quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or give us a call and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.


We encourage you to speak with one of our fence experts before focusing solely on price! There are cheaper, very poor quality metal fence brands available that are not nearly as durable, will fade, will bend, and have limited, if any, warranty. We don't use them.

There are also very inexperienced and unprofessional fence installers who continually cut corners and don't stand behind their work, regardless of what their so-called warranty says.

Metal fences must stand up to the physical demands of the North DFW Area weather, and physical abuse from falling branches, landscapers, neighbors, animals, and more.

Shopping for the cheapest fence is usually not the best way to make a decision about the fence you want to protect and beautify your property.

Whether you need a residential metal fence or a commercial-grade metal fence, it generally only takes a few days maximum for one of our fence experts to get to most areas of North DFW Area to walk your property and give you a detailed estimate of your entire aluminum fence project.

You can certainly call us to get even faster answers from our fence experts! Once you approve the estimate, we can often install metal fences in most of North DFW Area within 1 to 3 weeks, but please check with our office of your specific project. There are times throughout the year where that timeframe may be less, or it may be longer.

There are other things that can delay the start of a fencing project. If you select a specific metal fence style, color, or options that need to be special ordered, it will often delay the installation of your fence. Like nearly every fencing contractor in North DFW Area, we do not stock a large amount of custom metal fencing options. We will help you to identify, in advance, any of your choices that are known to be likely to cause these additional delays, and we will offer alternatives whenever possible.

Metal fencing is unique in its ability to be utilized for such a wide array of applications. Listed below are some of the most popular applications of metal fencing:

Decorative Metal Fencing

For many, there is just no other fence type as elegant or decorative as metal fencing to provide that perfect accent to their property or a section of the property.

Metal Pool Fencing

One of the most common uses of metal fencing in North DFW Area is to protect and beautify a pool area. Non-corrosive, beautiful, and easy to view beyond,allowing you to monitor the area, metal fences were literally "made for pools."

Metal Perimeter Fencing

Typically used for higher priced homes and particularly beautiful settings all across North DFW Area, 4 foot, 5 foot, and even 6 foot or taller metal fencing can provide a strong and beautiful secure perimeter to your property.

Metal Fencing Examples

North Texas Chain Link Fence
North Texas Chain Link Fence
Chain Link Fence in Dallas Forth Worth
North Texas Ornamental Iron Fence
Ornamental Iron Fence in the Dallas Fort Worth Area
Ornamental Iron Fence in the Dallas Fort Worth Area
North Texas Pipe and Cable Fence
North Texas Pipe and Rail Fence
North Texas Pipe and Rail Fence
North Texas R-Panel Fence
North Texas R-Panel Fence
North Texas R-Panel Fence
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At Titan Fence, we take pride in being your trusted partner for creating your dream yard and providing a safe space. Whether it's aluminum, vinyl, chain link, ornamental iron, R-Panel, or wood fencing, we are honored to be your choice for enhancing your family's privacy and security.

Thank you for considering Titan Fence.

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